Securing Your Windows Against Threats

Posted on: 17 March 2015


The windows are the part of the home that most burglars use to break in to the home. Their fragile nature is what makes it really easy to gain entry into the home. But it doesn't have to be this way. There's a lot you can do to protect your home from danger. You can also use detection mechanisms. Burglars will be less likely to keep on struggling while the alarms go off. Some of these steps involve physically strengthening your windows, too.

Intrusion detection

One way to keep your home secure would be to add intrusion detectors on your windows. You can install magnetic open/close contacts on each window to detect if it's being opened forcefully from the outside. You could also have sound detectors to alert you whenever glass breaks. You could also place motion detectors close to your windows.

However, the disadvantage with these methods is their timing. They detect the threat when it's late, either after the window is already opened or broken. Motion detectors detect motion when the intruder is already inside the building.

External alarm sensors

Another option would be to externally screen your windows with an alarm sensor. You'll be able to detect the intruder when they attempt to remove the screen before they break the glass. Installing external security sensors buys the police time because the burglar would still be outside the home when the alarm goes off. Additionally, this method saves you the costs of glass replacement when the burglar panics and searches for a way out of your property.

Install shatter proof film

Once you make the detection of intruders efficient, then you can now strive to make their intrusion a challenge. Here's where the factor of delay comes into play. You can install invisible shatter proof films. These films make the glass virtually impenetrable, though some intruders can still hammer their way in.

But the films offer another challenge even for the determined burglars. They keep the window intact even after shattering it, and no broken pieces would fly off. This makes breaking in a very difficult and time consuming task. Just what you need before the police arrive.

Use tempered glass

This glass is designed to be much harder to break than regular glass. Using this type of window together with the films makes your home much more impenetrable. One way to know if glass is tempered is by placing a white LCD screen in front of the window and looking through the. You'll see colour patterns if it's tempered.

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