Top Factors to Consider When Buying Smart Locks

Posted on: 20 August 2021


Today, smart homes have become popular in Australia since they offer homeowners a high level of convenience. Notably, smart locks are an integral part of the smart home ecosystem and are considered the best entry point into home automation. Not only are intelligent locks functional as a security system, but they also add style to something as generic as a door. The best part is that smart locks are readily available today, thanks to competitive pricing. If you are thinking about installing a smart lock as part of your security system, you must consider the following factors to get value for money. 

Lock/Unlocking Mechanism — Different smart lock brands and models have varying locking and unlocking mechanism. For instance, some smart locks retain a traditional keyhole accessible via a touchpad or touch screen, while others can only be operated using a smartphone. While your choice is majorly a matter of preference, convenience must take precedence. Therefore, it is better to invest in a smart lock that retains a keyhole so you can still unlock your door should the system malfunction. Similarly, a smart lock with a keypad and keyless mechanism is better than one with a single operating mechanism.

Customisable Access Control — One significant advantage that smart locks offer is secure access control. However, secure access control is a basic feature that every smart lock brand should have. Therefore, it is essential to look for a smart lock that allows you to choose who to grant permanent or temporary access to your home. For instance, you can grant your friends temporary access if you expect them to arrive at your place before you do. Similarly, you can customise your smart lock to grant a plumber access on a particular day and time. Smart locks with customisable access control provide unrivalled convenience, particularly for homes with multiple layers of security.

Upgradability — Digital security systems are prone to redundancy, which is why upgrades are necessary to improve user experience. For instance, smartphones receive upgrades to their systems every few months to improve security, address bugs, and improve overall user experience. Smart locks are not different; hence, the model you buy should be upgradable via Wi-Fi. The reason is that burglars are increasingly getting tech-savvy and do not mind spending money on technology that will help them bypass some smart lock systems. Therefore, burglars will take full advantage if a company fails to identify bugs and any weak points in their smart locks. For this reason, only spend your money on a smart lock whose system receives regular security and usability upgrades.