The Different Terminology You Must Be Aware Of When Using Locksmith Services

Posted on: 18 March 2015


Are you interested in using locksmith services? Then take the time to learn the different terminology that is used to describe the various types of locks and components that make up the locks. This in turn will help you understand more about the different locks that are available, which will help you easily make the right choice regarding the type of lock you want a locksmith to install on your residential property. Here is a list of the common locksmith terminology you should know about:

  • Dummy: this refers to the dummy knob that does not have a latch or lever, and will not turn. The dummy knob is simply a feature of the door that can be used to open the close the door – nothing more. They are usually attached to a door with screws in doors that have not been bored.
  • Privacy: this refers to the type of door knob that can be locked from the inside by only pushing a button. This type of door lock is found in bedrooms, bathrooms and other locations where privacy is required. Also, they can easily be opened in the case of emergencies by putting a tool into a slot.
  • Passage: the type of levers and door knobs that do not have any type of locking mechanism are called passage. They are used for rooms where no privacy is required, such as a living rooms, storage room, basement or kitchen.
  • Single cylinder deadbolt: used most commonly in residential buildings, the single cylinder deadbolts have a setup where the door can be locked with a key from one side, and only via a thumb turn on the other.
  • Double cylinder deadbolt: this type of locking mechanism requires the use of a key to open the door from both sides. It's not ideal in residential buildings because if the person inside has no key, then they are stuck inside. That can be dangerous in the case of a fire, and for that reason some health and safety regulations forbid the use of double cylinder deadbolts on residential buildings.
  • Keyed entrance lock: this refers to a setup where on both sides there is a knob, or lever. It allows the door to be locked from the inside using a push button mechanism, but can be unlocked from the outside using a key. They allow for additional security when using single or double cylinder deadboltlocks.

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