4 Items That You Should Probably Put Away in a Self Storage Unit

Posted on: 20 March 2015


Self storage units serve to help you decongest your home by putting away items that you don't use frequently, or at all. By doing so, you de-clutter your home, thereby improving aesthetics and making your residence more manageable since there is less to look after. In case you're wondering what it is you can put away in self storage unit, read on for some ideas.

Motorized vehicles

Since the main aim of hiring a self storage unit is to create space at home, larger items should be your first priority when de-cluttering. Vehicles and motored machines are easy to point out in this category. You can put away recreational vehicles (RVs), all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) as well as buggies.

It's also a good idea to store idle cars that are probable not roadworthy and you don't plan to use soon. Additional vehicles that you can put in a storage unit include boats and motorbikes.

Seasonal items

You should also consider storing items that you only need during specific times of the year. A good example is Christmas trees and decorations that you only need for about one month every year. Instead of keeping them in your home where they will take up space and may get damaged, put them in a storage unit instead. Another group of items in this category is sporting equipment such as surfing boards and hiking gear that you'll use during certain seasons.

Items on the move

If you are planning to move homes, you can start extracting items from your home and placing them in a self storage unit for various reasons. One, you can move items that you use less and place them in a self storage unit near your next home. This way, come moving day, you will have less boxes to handle. You can then collect the stored items at a later date. Plus, you can move your items to a storage unit temporarily if you haven't found a new house to move into.

Old items you don't need

The last category features items that everyone has at home. These are the items that are not in use but you aren't planning to dispose off yet. In the meantime, you can place them in a nearby self storage unit to create room in your house. Examples of such items are old furniture, broken down electronics and old clothing materials. Over time, should you need to reclaim any of these items, you can collect them from storage.

Remember that with self storage units, you can store items for any duration you want, from as little as one day to several years. You can even rent a storage unit permanently as long as you maintain payments. Learn more about rental plans and rates by consulting resources like Store-It-Safe.