Why Call a Locksmith After a Break-In?

Posted on: 30 March 2015


If a break-in at your home involves breaking the locks, then of course you need to call a locksmith to have them changed. However, even if a thief or intruder climbed through an open window or literally broke into your home by breaking a window or door wall, you still want to call a locksmith. There are many reasons why they should visit your home even after you've suffered a break-in; consider a few of those reasons here.

1. A Thief May Actually Return

It's easy to think that a thief has done all the damage they will do once they've left your home, but this isn't always the case. He or she may not be done stealing everything they want from your house, and they may have plans to come back at a later date. They may also be waiting until you can replace that large screen television, computer, and other items they stole so they can come back and see about stealing the replacement items.

After any type of break-in, you want to ensure that a locksmith replaces the locks on your home and reinforces them with additional deadbolts in case someone comes back. This will make your home more secure and reduce the risk of another break-in.

2. A Locksmith Can Inspect Vulnerable Spots in Your Home

If you're not sure how a thief entered your home, a locksmith may be able to determine vulnerable areas of your property and reinforce them with better locks or deadbolts. Remember that a locksmith is accustomed to being called after a break-in, so he or she knows the most common areas of a home used by thieves to gain entry. Back windows can have upgraded locks installed or a door wall may need a security bar added to keep it in place.

3. Your Keys May Still Be in Someone Else's Hands

Even if a thief opened a window or kicked open a door to get in, he or she may have found a spare set of keys while inside. This can lead to them coming back to your home at a later date, which is why it's good to have the locks changed even if a thief didn't use a key to enter your home the first time they broke in.

4. A Locksmith Can Install a Safe

If you've suffered a break-in then you know how vulnerable your items are; having a safe installed can mean keeping cash, jewelry, paperwork, and other such items secure. A wall or floor safe can be out of the way and can keep your important items secure against future break-ins. For more information, contact High Security Locksmiths