4 Quick Ways to Find the Right Locksmith for Your Needs

Posted on: 20 April 2015


The right locksmith can help you get out of tricky situations such as lockouts or stalled vehicles. If you're on the hunt for a locksmith, you only need four tips to help narrow down your search. Read on to see what they are and how they can help guide you to the right locksmith service.

What's their specialisation? 

Not all locksmiths do the exact same type of work. While they all deal with key and locks, most tend to specialise in different fields, namely residential homes, commercial services or auto services. This is where your search for a locksmith should start. If you're looking for a locksmith to cater specifically to a certain need, such as your car's transponder or your business' safe, opt for a locksmith that caters to that specific area. The reason is that a locksmith who has specialised in a certain area will have better experienced solving your problems. However, if you just need a general locksmith, the more services he/she can offer the better.

Are they mobile or fixed?

Locksmiths also operate in different ways. Some are located in shops where you have to take your locks for service or repairs. Others operate mobile via vans that are stocked with all their tools and equipment. Mobile locksmiths are able to move around easily and respond to call outs much faster. They also make it convenient to get even the smallest services done without you having to plan a visit to their store. For example, a mobile locksmith will duplicate your keys or program your transponder on-site, whether you're at work or on the road.

When are they available?

Next, find out when they are available. Some will operate strictly on 9-5 schedule. Others will be more liberal with their hours, offering after-hour services. Others, however, offer round-the-clock 24 hour services. Since you never know when you will lose your keys or lock yourself out, opt for a locksmith that is most available, including holidays and weekends. If possible, go with a 24-hour locksmith.

Do they provide emergency services?

Lastly, don't forget that you might need the services of a locksmith in a hurry. This can happen if you lock yourself out of the car at night while in transit, if you lose your keys, if you a burglar tries to break into your home and you need to change locks etc. Due to such possibilities, it helps if your locksmith can respond to call outs as soon as possible.  As such, find out if they provide emergency services.

Once you have weeded out through these factors, you can go ahead to check other general considerations such as licensing and accreditation. Start comparing your options by consulting local locksmiths like Lockstar Locksmiths.