Three Things You Should Look For When Buying A Safe

Posted on: 28 April 2015


Safes are vital to protect your valuables (like jewelry and cash) from access by unauthorized persons, such as burglars. However, there are so many brands and styles of safes that it is at times daunting to select the best safe. This article discusses three key features you should pay attention to as you go shopping for a safe. Knowledge of these three factors will help you cut through the safe marketing hype and get to the real substance.

Steel Thickness

The strength of a safe is related to the thickness of the steel used to make that safe. The thicker the steel, the stronger that safe is. Thick steel cannot be bent or cut with most common tools, like wrenches. You can be sure that if your valuables are inside a safe made from thick steel then those valuables will be safe. Steel thickness is measured in gauges. The smaller the number (gauge), the thicker the steel in that safe is. For instance, 10-gauge steel is thicker than 20-gauge steel. Pick a safe with thick steel and you will have bought a strong safe.

Locking Bolts

Several bolts that are moved by a lever secure safe doors. As you shop for a safe, do not just look at how big the bolts are. Instead, open the door and remove the inner door panel. This will enable you to examine how thick the internal lock mechanisms are. If they look flimsy, pick another safe and examine it too. Be sure to ask the attendant of the store if it is okay to remove the inner door panels as you pick which safe to buy. Pick a safe with stout inner lock mechanisms. This is because such locks will be able to withstand the force of a burglar who tries to force that safe open.

Fire Resistance

Buy a safe that has a high fire-resistance rating. This will give your valuables protection from a fire until the fire is put out. There are two things to look at as you compare fire resistance. One is the maximum temperature that the safe can resist. The second is the duration of time that the safe can resist a fire of the maximum temperature indicated. Buy a safe with the highest temperature threshold and the longest resistance time. For instance, a safe that can withstand 1,200°F for 5 hours is better than a safe that can withstand the same maximum temperature for only 2 hours.

In case you feel you are not experienced enough to compare different safes on your own, ask an experienced locksmith to accompany you as you go shopping. His or her expertise will enable you to use the information in this discussion to pick a very strong safe. For more information, contact a company like Safes Warehouse.