Why No One Should Try to Break Into Their Own Home or Car After a Lockout

Posted on: 8 May 2015


Being locked out of your home or car is something that happens to most people at least once in their lifetime, and usually a person will think of how they can break into their house or force a car door open when locked out. However, this can be very shortsighted and even downright dangerous. A better option is to call a mobile locksmith who can let you into your home or car quickly and safely. Note a few reasons why you should avoid trying to break into a home or car on your own.

1. Breaking in can mean hurting yourself physically

It's easy to think you can reach through a partially open window of your car and try to unlock the door, but if you were to lean on or put pressure on the window, it could easily shatter. This can cause cuts and scrapes, and other injuries from flying glass.

Breaking into your own home can also be physically dangerous. If you were to try to climb through a window and slip on the floor, a child's toy, or a kitchen countertop, you could easily twist or sprain an ankle or knee, or suffer even worse injury. If you reach for a shelving unit or other furniture to help and this were to fall on you, this too could mean hurting yourself physically.

2. You could easily damage your own property

Breaking into a home or car is not always as easy as you think no matter how many times you've seen it done in the movies, and you can damage your property one in the process. That broken window of your car can be expensive to replace, and trying to pick a lock on any type of door can mean damaging the tumblers whether you get it open or not.

Trying to pry open a window of your home can mean bending the window frame itself, or breaking the lock of the window as you attempt to get the window open. Cutting a screen to reach an inside lock also means having to patch or replace that screen and this can be expensive even if the cut you make is very small.

All of these costs can be much more than the cost of mobile locksmiths like BCD Alarms & Locks. They can get you into a home or car without damaging your property and will change the locks on the spot if necessary.