Simple Ways to Update Your Home's Appearance While on a Budget

Posted on: 26 May 2015


It's easy to update your home's appearance when you can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a complete makeover, but what about those on a tight budget? There are actually some very simple ways that you can make updates around the house and make it look more attractive without spending too much money. Note a few tips from design pros for how to do this in any home.

1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint can change the look of any room quickly and easily. The key to updating the look is to choose something other than plain white, and even something very different than what you have in the room now while still staying in the same color tone. For example, if you like earth tones and your walls are painted tan, consider painting them a hunter or sage green shade. If you like bold colors, you might paint a red accent wall in a dining room or bedroom, or choose a shade of orange or yellow for a great new look.

2. Add colorful accessories

Bold, colorful accessories can add instant life to any room. Add some toss pillows and an afghan over your sofa and you'll see how they bring life to the space, or invest in some oversized and colorful artwork for the walls to fill up that empty area. This is an especially good trick to try if you have quite a bit of empty area on your walls or need to freshen up your furniture but cannot afford to buy new pieces; some accent pillows may be all that's needed to cover up that old sofa and give your living room an updated look.

3. Swap out the hardware

New hardware can often be all that's needed to make doorways, cabinets, and drawers look brand new. Take a look around your home and note if you have outdated brass handles and knobs and consider changing them for a fresh look.

Matte black door handles can be a good choice, as they're timeless and go with any décor, from modern to very traditional. To create a cohesive look in your home, choose matte black door handles for the front door, all the interior doors, and for cabinets and drawer pulls. Since the matte black goes with any color and style, you can create a look that seems pulled together for your entire home without the expense of actually changing cabinet doors and drawers. You can find a great variety of options from a supplier like The Lock and Handle

These improvements aren't too expensive to make, and implementing one or more of them will help update the look of your home.