Can Access Control Door Locks Work As a Time Clock System?

Posted on: 6 August 2018


Installing access control locks on your business doors can be a good way of enhancing your overall security. Unlike regular keyed locks, which can be used by anyone with a key, these systems limit access to people with an authorised code, card or even fingerprint. On external doors, this system gives you better control over who comes into your business generally; you can also use access systems to regulate who gets into certain areas inside your building.

Access control systems don't just come with security advantages, however; some also have other business benefits. For example, some systems also double up as time clock monitors. How does this work, and what are the benefits?

Using Access Control Locks as Time Clocks

Some access control systems with advanced features can be linked to monitoring systems that collect data on who comes in through a controlled door and who leaves by it. You can identify employees here by the cards, codes or biometric controls (such as fingerprints) that they use to open the door.

If you have data reporting in your access control system, then the system can build reports on when employees come into work and when they leave. This can work just like a time clock system, giving you some extra hours-worked accuracy and payroll advantages.

The Financial Benefits of Using Access Control as a Time Clock

An access control system that can log entrance and exit data gives you a formal way of clocking the hours an employee is on the premises. This data is independently measured by the door lock itself and cannot be easily tampered with or gamed.

So, for example, if you think that some of your workers aren't working the hours they should or are claiming for overtime that they aren't working, then this can help you cut down on claims for fraudulent hours. As well as registering employee attendance, access control systems also deter employees from getting their friends to clock them in or out of work. This could help prevent your business from losing money by paying for hours that weren't actually worked. Plus, you may be able to link the data you get from an access control system to your payroll system, making it quicker and easier to calculate accurate wages.

There are many different types of access control systems that could benefit your business in both security and time clocking terms. To find the system that is right for you, talk to your local locksmith, who will be able to help you assess the right solution for your needs.